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Patient Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it, hear from the families and caregivers who have experienced the positive impact of our services firsthand through their testimonials

As a new, single mom to a medically fragile child, understandably I was scared. How would I work, we have so many appointments. Is there a daycare out there comfortable with medically fragile children? The list goes on. After my daughters second open heart surgery, it was decided she would need private duty nursing. After many failed attempts with other agencies not having availability or not being a good fit, I came across Living Faith Home Health Care. I called and talked to Stacia Sabins and I immediately knew this is the PDN company I wanted to work with my daughter. We immediately connected regarding our children having CHARGE syndrome and like me, she was a mom who wanted nothing but the best for her child, so I knew she would help find the best care for my daughter too. LFHHC has been a Godsend for our family. I couldn't be more thankful for the thoughtful care McKenna receives, always knowing she is in good hands. I wouldn't trust anyone else to find good, quality care in PD nursing for my daughter!

Annie | Parent

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Our family is so grateful for the services you provide for our sweet girl, Madelyn. Nothing makes my mama heart happier than watching our daughter learn new things, go on adventures and grow up in the comfort of her own home while still getting all the nursing care she requires. It is comforting to know that we will never face this medical journey alone because Living Faith with always be here with us. Thank you guys for all you do! 

Megan | Parent

My son was due to be discharged in March of 2020- right when COVID hit.  We had a different nursing agency that we were working with and they made so many empty promises- even went through the whole discharge process just to tell us that due to COVID they couldn't help us any longer.  We sat a couple more months until we found Living Faith.  And it was the biggest blessing ever.  Finally after 319 days we were going home.  They were so helpful- met us at home and are always there for us if we need anything!  The nurse that we were placed with is still with us over 2 years later!  I don't know how much longer we would have sat in that hospital medically ready to go home if it weren't for Living Faith!  We feel incredibly lucky to have found them, and the owner of the company being a mother of a child of a medically dependent child really just makes you feel so much more valued instead of being another number to a company.  We are forever grateful to Living Faith for being able to help us get our son home and help us keep valued great help in our home! 

Heather | Parent

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Our family was looking for a nursing company that could provide excellent care for our son who  has very complex medical needs. We had very high expectations of what we were looking for specifically for our family. Living Faith has gone above and beyond to provide the best care possible and to meet every one of those expectations. From being a faith based company, which was a must for us, to the professionalism and communication with all of the staff. We cannot say enough about Stacia the owner of Living Faith. A special needs mom herself who truly saw what parents  needed in a company and accomplished it. Living Faith works to provide the best care for their patients and their families. We received the best nurse possible who also became part of our family. Our family and especially our son River is forever grateful for Living Faith.

Kayla | Parent

Words cannot fully express how grateful our entire family is for Living Faith Home Healthcare. Having a child with extensive and complex medical needs is filled with many challenges and difficult decisions, but choosing Living Faith is one of the best decisions our family could have made in the care of our child. The staff at Living Faith are highly dedicated and passionate about providing the highest quality pediatric home health care. Their communication, care, skill, and compassion are exceptional. We highly recommend them to other families and trust them completely as they support and care for our child. Living Faith has been an incredible blessing and answer to prayer by making our life a little less overwhelming. They are not just exceptional skilled nursing providers, but they are a part of our family as well.

Julie | Parent

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